Blair vs. Sven

Next challenges!

We have been a little bit lazy here last weeks. No worries I am going to post a challenge now on Friday, I will also do it on Friday, make a video and get going again…. And guys if you have some good videos and fun challenges send them to us! Stay tuned on FRIDAY!

Challenge 8

Death by KB swing… not the most fun exercise but still a good one!

Did it today down at Bootcamp with Asta, Steinar and Ingvar!

Done off course with a 32kg kettle bell and full range of motion.

I did 20 rounds + 6 swings = total 216 swings.

The grip was the hard thing at the end!!

New workout and VIDEO nest week, stay tuned.


Challenge 8

32 kg kettlebell swing ladder.  Every set is 1 minute long.  Begin with just 1 repetition per set, then add a rep each minute until you cannot complete the prescribed number.  The score is the total number of repetitions finished.  My score was 18 rds + 14, a total of 185 repetitions.  Have at it.

Finally did this one… BRUTAL.  Big ups to steve for putting up a killer time. Sven, looking forward to your next challenge as you’ve been coming up with some killers lately.  I’m hoping to get #7 done end of this week.  

Episode 7

Hi I did this workout on Sunday… I liked it a lot, heavy!

My camera was out of battery when I did the wod I got around 2 min of video, not much fun.

So I will have to wait with the video this time.

My results were:

5 rounds + 2 dead + 10 thruster + 46 DU

Hellboy took it with me and did:

5 rounds + 2 dead + 10 thruster + 42 DU

Blair you owe us two videos… cant wait


Challenge 7

Still getting to #6, been tough because I don’t have a Concept II at my house.  Hopefully I can get to a gym with one this weekend.

Challenge 7 looks like this:

20 minute AMRAP

2 deadlift @ 170 kg

10 thruster @ 50 kg

100 double unders

Challenge 6 - Follower video from Steve Shobert.

Part A in 4:50. Sorry, I didn’t know the front squats were supposed to be cleaned off the deck. Anyway, it was fun and very tough! Great strength WOD!

Challenge 6 - Follower video from Steve Shobert.

part B, time 4:32. cardio smoker and grip killer! keep em coming boys!

Challenge 6

This one came from me, but I didn´t deliver.
It was really fun and really tough. It wasn´t my day and I had to rest to much in set 2 and 3. I dropped the weight in the front squats and had to rest in the other sets…
I have to do it again.
Cant wait to hear some other results!

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